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Purrfect Hardback Book

Purrfect Hardback Book

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Limited quantities remain of this First Edition!

"He felt it all and was born to fuck it up. He was weak.
Not necessarily in a bad way. He was just a for instance. A casualty of the ocean and what it does to people. Of time and the days and how they can wear into a soul creating new patterns, the shortest distance to some sort of joy. The farther the distance from the joy the more a nonsensical map appears and there you are, lost in a map of a place that doesn't exist."

"Shark Parties, Broken hearts, The Ocean, Vietnam, Nudie Card Poker, Oil Rig Weirdos, A Prison on the Moon, a Robbery gone wrong, Guys who dress as Batman for tips, Drunks, Angels, Horse Race Derby heists, lots of cussin' and lots of tits. This book has it all. Except class."
- Bob Soufflé-The Bigelow Times

Ryan Adams of Los Angeles, CA is 48 and lives with his four cats Vincent, Agnes, Gobiashi, Griswald as well as Theo who resides as a force ghost.

100 Problems precedes his forthcoming trilogy of novels, "The Greatest Movie Ever Made," "Kill Yourself Tomorrow Brenda," and "Beautiful Asshole."

He plays guitar for money. pinball for fun and writes novels cause he's crazy.

Book comes with missing laminate page.

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