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Chris Color Double Vinyl

Chris Color Double Vinyl

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Side A
A1 Take It Back 3:07
A2 Still A Cage 3:01
A3 Flicker In The Fade 3:50
A4 Chris 3:44

Side B
B1 About TIme 2:53
B2 Aching For More 4:07
B3 Say What You Said
B4 So Helpless 1:17
B5 Crooked Shake 3:04

Side C
C1 Dive 4:11
C2 Was I Wrong (Strings) 2:17
C3 Lookout 2:53
C4 Schizophrenic Babylon 2:22

Side D
D1 Moving Target 3:42
D2 I Got Lost 2:34
D3 Replaced 3:38
D4 Spinning Wheel 2:38
D5 Letting The Light In 2:55

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