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Romeo & Juliet Color Double Vinyl

Romeo & Juliet Color Double Vinyl

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Side A
A1 Rollercoaster 4:10
A2 In The Blue Of The Night 3:35
A3 I Can't Remember 3:11
A4 Somethings Missing 2:17
A5 Doylestown Girl 2:54
A6 Romeo & Juliet 3:43

Side B
B1 Anything 3:48
B2 Rain In LA 5:03
B3 Poor Connection 3:49
B4 In The Meadow 6:31

Side C
C1 Run 3:38
C2 This Is Your House 2:05
C3 At Home With The Animals 3:55
C4 Earthquake 4:07
C5 Hold Me Together 3:33

Side D
D1 Losers 3:48
D2 My Heaven 4:22
D3 Theo Is Dreaming 1:22
D4 They Will Know Our Love 3:39

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